Suchitra Krishnamoorthi reveals why she didn’t protest when ex-husband Shekhar Kapur forbid her from acting

Actor-singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi has opened up about how her ex-husband, filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, told her to stop acting in films after they got married. Suchitra also stated that she felt disgusted by the patriarchal remarks she had to fend off upon her return to the film industry.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Suchitra was asked how a woman who ran away from her house to do films can simply step away from the industry one day. The actor replied, “Because her husband tells her he doesn’t want her to act. I also feel that if my parents were not so strict, I would have not gravitated towards films. I was a rebel. In retrospect, I don’t know… like I said.. Slavery..”

She added, “I think I just had this mad, passionate, crazy idea of love. So, when my husband said don’t act, I said ok. So, it wasn’t so important. It’s not like somebody held a gun at my head and said ‘you can’t do.’ I was so in my world, it did not matter. That’s what I wanted. I wanted marriage, I wanted kids and I wanted a family and I never thought…”

Talking about why she did not star in Shekhar’s films, Suchitra said, “Kyunki yeh itne badmaash hein yeh director log, that’s why they don’t want their wives to act. Kyunki khud bohot badmaash hai (They’re cunning, these directors).”

After parting ways from Shekhar, Suchitra decided to return to acting. However, she recalled that she was disgusted by people’s attitude towards her. She said, “My marriage was collapsing, I had not filed for divorce yet. But I knew I need to get back home and dig my roots back. It is such a patriarchal world. Everybody kept asking, ‘Shekhar won’t mind?’ ‘Shekhar will allow you to act?’ I was so disgusted with that attitude.”

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