Single Status Certificate Service in Vikhroli West

Single Status Certificate Service in Vikhroli West

We at Hemant Enterprises Provides Single Status Certificate Service in Vikhroli West.

Hemant Enterprises give Solitary Standing Certificate Solution in Maharashtra.

Do you wish to look for Single Standing Certificate in Maharashtra then Hemant Enterprises will aid you. Hemant Enterprises is the best Single Condition Certificate service provider in Maharashtra.
What do we mean by Single Standing Certification?

The Single Standing Certificate is needed to confirm the product status of a person of any type of faith, sex around India. Single standing certification verifies that the individual is unmarried till now.
Be it India, China, United States, UK or some other country, transnational relationships are rather normal nowadays. India is the most significant resource nation for worldwide transients generally and also with a well more than 15 million Indians resolved abroad, it is extremely unavoidable that a massive number of them wind up wedding from various nations. Nonetheless, the means to doing this isn't a cinch and also calls for something several describe as a Single Standing Certification.
Demand of the Solitary Status Certificate.

In India, it isn't essential to include that one is single or single. Nonetheless, practically every nation on earth necessitates that an individual be unmarried to solemnize a marital relationship because specific nation. This is to keep away from polygamy and also illicit connections from taking place. To allow an individual to marry somebody abroad, a Single Condition Certificate, otherwise called a CENOMAR (endorsement of no marriage record) is called for. In details cases, the archives to reveal your bachelorhood is in addition called a chastity authentication, or a statement of no barrier.

Documents Required for Single Status Certificate Service in Vikhroli West

• Affidavit – A document stating that the applicant is single, and contains his personal details such as the name, address, identity, and witnesses on a stamp paper.
• Address proof – Any document to prove that the applicant is a resident at the mentioned address. Such as Bank passbook, Voter ID, Aadhar card, Rental agreement, etc.
• A valid Passport or Visa
• Proof of Birth – Documents showing the applicant’s date of birth such as Birth Certificate, School certificate, etc.
• Proof from parents – A letter stating that the applicant’s parents acknowledge that he/she is single. As well as their Voter IDs, or Aadhar cards.
In case the applicant is a Divorcee, along with above-mentioned documents, they have to produce the following :

  1. Decree Absolute if the affiant is legally divorced, or
  2. Death Certificate in case of death of their former spouse

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