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Talented actor Santhosh Shobhan has delivered a string of flops lately and the film Prem Kumar, marking the debut of actor Abhishek Maharshi as a writer-director, was supposed to give a fillip to both their careers.

Prem Kumar (Santhosh Shobhan) is ‘that’ unlucky guy who is left stranded at the altar as the bride elopes with her beloved. This has happened with him more than once and he is branded unlucky by marriage counselors and prospective parents. He slowly turns into a detective helping people who are trying to escape unwanted marriages and relationships. His friend Lingam (Krishna Teja) is his partner in this venture.

When Nethra (Rashi Singh), the first girl who dumped him and is now running a successful business as an event manager, comes into his life again, he attempts to take revenge on her. Actor Roshan (Krishna Chaitanya) and Angana (Ruchita Sadhineni) get drawn into this game where people keep flipping sides more than once, turning it into a comedy of errors. How Prem wins over Nethra forms the rest of the story.

The idea of focusing on ‘the other’ definitely sounds interesting, but turning it into a full-fledged story is quite challenging. After faltering initially, the writer-director lands at an interesting interval point, but that’s about it. The expansion in the second half is full of pitfalls, more and more unnecessary drama is introduced into the story, leading to drab scenes and no entertainment.

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Despite having a bunch of actors like Sudarshan, Ashok Kumar, Krishna Teja and others, the comedy is not engaging at all. Dialogues work in parts, mainly due to the performance of Santosh Shobhan and others. The track between Krishna Teja and Ashok Kumar is utterly boring and doesn’t evoke even a single laugh. The characters of both leading ladies are ill-written and they appear confused.

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Music, camera, editing etc, cannot lift a film if the narrative itself is dull and confused. For such an able actor with good screen presence, Santosh Shobhan needs to really focus on his script selection and final output.
Watching Prem Kumar is a colossal waste of time. Please avoid.

Prem Kumar movie cast: Santhosh Shobhan, Rashi Singh, Ruchita Sadineni, Raj Madiraju, Krishna Teja, Sudarshan, Ashok Kumar
Prem Kumar movie director: Abhishek Maharshi
Prem Kumar movie rating: 1 star

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