Online Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan

Online Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan

We at Hemant Enterprises Provides Online Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan.

Online Marriage Registration Solution in Mumbai is rather perhaps the main errands interfacing with a wedding. It extremely well might be dealt with via the Hindu Marital Relationship Act or Special Marital Relationship Act done by couples getting hitched despite their faiths. An enrollment aids the two partners in a marital relationship, either previously, with concerns throughout, or then once again if a mate passes away. A marital relationship certificate is expected to help with any kind of authority work identifying with the marriage.
As referenced in the past, with respect to getting your name altered, a marital relationship certificate presumes a significant component. Making changes to your maintain going name on all authority paperwork without a marital relationship certificate needs a large amount of exertion and a massive tons of additional documentation. Additionally, it assists while making an application for visas because the framework takes into consideration the to be as a joined couple and not two individuals voyaging individually.
In India, contingent upon whether you are a Hindu or having a place with some other religious beliefs, you require to enlist under the Unique Marital Relationship Act or the Hindu Marriage Act. There aren't various contrasts in between the two structures, however, it allots a much more drawn out effort to take care of a marital relationship under the Unique Enrollment Act. Additionally, on the off chance that a person of the wedding celebration partners has a place with a religious beliefs aside from Hinduism, 2 or three needs to employ under the Special Marriage Act.
Managing the marriage communication detached can be really tedious. In case you are registering your marital relationship with the Hindu Marriage Act, the couple obtaining hitched demand to employ under the sub-registrar, where the marital relationship was solemnized or both of them has been living for something like a half year.
Under the Special Marital Relationship Act, they require to provide a 30-day notice to the sub-registrar and a duplicate of this notice is included in their notification sheets. In case there are no concerns with their marital relationship it is pushed forward.

Documents Required for Online Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan

Documents Required (Bride Groom & Bride) for Online Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan:
• Age of the Groom should be 21 years or above & Bride should be 18 years or above
• Bride or the Bridegroom must be a Mumbai District resident.
Photographs :
• Passport Size – 7 each
ID Proof : Pan card
Age Proof for Both (Any One Document) for Online Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan:
• Birth Certificate
• School Leaving Certificate.
• Transfer Certificate.
• SSC or HSC Board Certificate.
• Passport
• Domicile Certificate
Address Proof For Both (Any of Two Documents) for Online Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan:
• Aadhar Card
• Passport
• Property Tax receipt / Bill
• Election Identity Card
• MSEB Electricity Bill or BSNL Telephone Bill Name of the Applicant
• MSEB Bill / Index II / Possession Letter
• Company Letter Head with Company Id Card
• Ration Card
For Divorcee / Widow / Widower for Online Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan:
• If applicant is divorcee : Judgement and Court Decree copy
• If applicant is widow or widower : Death Certificate of Spouse

Required Documents (Witness) for Online Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan:
• To Register the Marriage you require three witnesses, the witnesses are need to submit certain documents as proofs.
• Witness should be an adult, more than 21 years of age, can be Parents, Relatives & Friends
Photographs: Passport size – 3 each
Address Proof For Witness (Any One Document) for Online Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan:
• Aadhar Card
• Election Identity Card
• Passport

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