Name Change & Correction Service in Wadala West
Name Change & Correction Service in Mumbai

Name Change & Correction Service in Wadala West

We at Hemant Enterprises Provides Name Change & Correction Service in Wadala West.

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Name change typically refers to altering one's name, adding initials or perhaps just one letter is regular or the legal act by an individual of taking on a new name different from their name at birth, marital relationship or adoption.


Mistake in birth certificate
Errors in college certifications
Article marriage by ladies
After separation for women
Punctuation mistakes
For adoptions
If faith is transformed
For various other main objectives

You can lawfully change of name in India for any reason such as:

Call Change After Marriage
Name Change After Divorce
Adjustment of Name in Passport
Transforming of Name on Driving Permit

Call Change Treatment

What are the actions include in Name Adjustment Package?

1. Develop a Name Adjustment Testimony
2. Release in Paper
3. Notice in Gazette
4. Testimony
STEP 1: Call Adjustment Affidavit

1. After making your testimony of name modification, now its time to make a legitimate Attestation. At your front door, we aid you with notaries part in your city.
2. As soon as you gather the notarized testimony, you can either print the information in Newspaper or Gazette. Nevertheless, if you want we can also aid you with the process.

1. Once You finished the above Two step in name change treatment. After that Paper Publication comes in duty for Transforming Name.
2. You require to Release news as an Ad in 2 regional newspaper i.e one in the Regional Language Hindi and one more one is English newspaper.
3. Some Essential factor which needs to include in the Newspaper Publication for Name Change:
New Call of Candidate
Old Name of Candidate
Full Address of Candidate
Age of Applicant
Date on which testimony is made by the Candidate
Daddy's/ Other half Call of Applicant
Notary Name that testified the sworn statement
Prior to you provide an advertisement in a newspaper, always dual cross-check the material for ad and above mention all points are proper and appropriate. A small mistake can ruin your full treatment.
Below is the sample of ad in the paper for name change:
To learn more or Granting ads in Information Paper click the link:
ACTION 3: Gazette Notification

1. Involving tip 3, gazette notification is among the last action in this treatment. While the name in the papers like frying pan card, Chauffeurs' license, Citizens' ID, and so on can be altered without alert in Gazette, some authorities like Civil service commissions and also public field financial institutions do need Gazette notification. Hence, it is recommended to have a notification in Gazette prepared.
2. YourDoorStep will help you out with alerts in the Central Gazette situated in Delhi.

Documents Required for Name Change & Correction Service in Wadala West

Documents Required for Name Change & Correction Service in Wadala West:
Photographs : Passport Size – 2 Photos.
ID Proof:
• Passport
• Birth Certificate
• School Leaving Certificate
• Pan Card
• Transfer Certificate
• SSC or HSC Board Certificate
Address Proof For Both (Any of Two Documents):
• Aadhar Card
• Passport
• Election Identity Card

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