Jain Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan

Jain Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan

We at Hemant Enterprises Provides Jain Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan.

We give Jain Marital relationship Enrollment Service in Mumbai. To get wed in the Jain religion, you as well as your partner will certainly need to execute crucial pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding rituals. The pre-wedding rituals contain establishing a date as well as time for the wedding, executing the Mada Mandap and the Barati and also Aarti. One of the most crucial wedding celebration ritual is the Phere. This is when the couple walks the spiritual fire 4 times.
Vital post-wedding rituals to be completed are the blessing of the marital relationship, almsgiving, as well as the function at the bridegroom's house.

So as to get wed in the Jain religious beliefs, you should initially register your marriage with the Jain neighborhood. This is a procedure that is done through your local temple. You will certainly require to offer your full name, day of birth, as well as moms and dads' full names. You will certainly likewise need to offer the name of your partner and also their date of birth. As soon as the marital relationship is signed up, you will be able to have a religious ceremony at the temple.

Jain Marriage is an extremely straightforward and austere affair. The marriage is done in the presence of friends and family. There is no sophisticated ritual or feature. Jain marital relationships are registered either at the workplace of Registrar of Marriages or Sub-Registrar, depending upon the jurisdiction where the marital relationship is venerated. The marital relationship certificate is a legal document that tape-records the marital relationship.

Jain marital relationship is an arranged marital relationship where the households of the bride and groom meet each other and decide if their kids ought to get wed. The families after that approach a Jain clergyman who venerates the marriage. There is no registration of Jain marriages in Mumbai, but you can get a marital relationship certificate from the Registrar's workplace.

Jain Marital Relationship Enrollment Service in Mumbai is a procedure whereby a main marriage certification is issued by the federal government. This certification is evidence that the marriage has happened and also is lawfully binding. Both partners should show up personally at the marriage enrollment office to complete the procedure. Files called for consist of passports, birth certificates, and proof of residence. The whole procedure commonly takes 2-3 weeks.

Jain Marital Relationship Enrollment Solution in Mumbai is a really spiritual as well as austere ceremony. It is a crucial occasion in the life of a Jain and his household. In Mumbai, Jain marital relationships are registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. The following records are required for enrollment of a Jain marital relationship in Mumbai: 1) Application for registration of marital relationship appropriately filled in and authorized by both husband and wife. 2) Proof of home (distribution card, voter ID, etc) of partner and also

Documents Required for Jain Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan

Documents Required (Bride Groom & Bride) for Jain Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan:
• Age of the Groom should be 21 years or above & Bride should be 18 years or above
• Bride or the Bridegroom must be a Mumbai District resident.
Photographs :
• Passport Size – 7 each
ID Proof : Pan card
Age Proof for Both (Any One Document) for Jain Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan:
• Birth Certificate
• School Leaving Certificate.
• Transfer Certificate.
• SSC or HSC Board Certificate.
• Passport
• Domicile Certificate
Address Proof For Both (Any of Two Documents) for Jain Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan:
• Aadhar Card
• Passport
• Property Tax receipt / Bill
• Election Identity Card
• MSEB Electricity Bill or BSNL Telephone Bill Name of the Applicant
• MSEB Bill / Index II / Possession Letter
• Company Letter Head with Company Id Card
• Ration Card
For Divorcee / Widow / Widower for Jain Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan:
• If applicant is divorcee : Judgement and Court Decree copy
• If applicant is widow or widower : Death Certificate of Spouse

Required Documents (Witness) for Jain Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan:
• To Register the Marriage you require three witnesses, the witnesses are need to submit certain documents as proofs.
• Witness should be an adult, more than 21 years of age, can be Parents, Relatives & Friends
Photographs: Passport size – 3 each
Address Proof For Witness (Any One Document) for Jain Marriage Registration Service in Kalyan:
• Aadhar Card
• Election Identity Card
• Passport

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