BJP MP calls for ban on live-in relationships | India News

Raising the issue of violence against women by their live-in partners, BJP member in Rajya Sabha Ajay Pratap Singh on Wednesday urged the government to bring a law declaring such relationships illegal.

Speaking during Special Mentions, Singh cited the recent case of murder of one Saraswati Vaidya in Mumbai, allegedly by her live-in partner.

According to the World Health Organization, he said, around 38% of all murders of women in the world are by their intimate partners. “Marriage and family ties are a cultural heritage in India. Our religious scriptures and customs do not grant recognition to live-ins,” Singh said.

Noting that the Supreme Court has recognised live-in relationships, the BJP MP said, “The court said that Indian society considers it unethical but it’s not illegal. I believe if this is unethical, then it should be illegal, too. The government should take cognizance of this and bring a law so that this subculture can be stopped and women can be protected.”

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