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NEW DELHI: Four days following the discovery of a deceased woman with her limbs restrained by chains in west Delhi, the police are contemplating the administration of a psycho-analysis test on the accused Gurpreet Singh, sources report.

This decision comes in light of Gurpreet Singh’s frequent alterations in his statements.
PTI quoted sources within the Delhi Police as saying, the investigators intend to enlist a team of medical professionals to carry out a psychological assessment on the 30-year-old suspect, who has admitted to the woman’s murder.

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This evaluation aims to determine his mental well-being.
Additionally, the accused has asserted that the victim was a Swiss national.
The police have retrieved documents such as a passport and visas belonging to the woman named Nina Berger from Gurpreet, who has admitted to her murder and disposing of her body in close proximity to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) school in Tilak Nagar.
Gurpreet informed the police that he had developed romantic feelings for Berger, with whom he had formed a friendship in 2021 during a visit to Switzerland.
Gurpreet went on to disclose to the investigators that he had proposed marriage to her, but she declined his proposal.
He also revealed that upon learning of her involvement with someone else, he devised a plan to end her life, as stated by the police.
Gurpreet informed the investigators that he lured her to India and, subsequently, strangled her to death.
However, a police official remarked, “There are certain connections that remain elusive, and it appears that Gurpreet is not disclosing everything.”
In the course of the interrogations, Gurpreet initially asserted that two additional individuals were implicated in Berger’s murder.
However, he subsequently recanted his statement.
An officer stated that, thus far, the police have not uncovered any evidence implicating anyone else in the murder.
Gurpreet is currently in police custody for a period of four days and is undergoing questioning.
The postmortem of the body has not yet been conducted due to the unavailability of the deceased’s family members.
The police have attempted to contact her family by reaching out to the Swiss embassy.
On Sunday, embassy officials held a meeting with Delhi Police officers to gather information about the specifics of the case.
The police have indicated that they are examining the case from various perspectives, including potential links to human trafficking and tracking the financial trail.
This inquiry has been prompted by the discovery of a significant sum of Rs 2.10 crore in cash at Gurpreet’s residence in Janakpuri.
Gurpreet’s father operates an astrology and gemstone business, and the family possesses several properties.
Substantial transactions involving a significant amount of money were detected in his bank accounts.
As a result, the Delhi Police’s Economic Offences Wing (EOW) and the Income Tax department have been notified to trace the financial movements and money trails.
The police have confiscated three mobile phones from his possession. Gurpreet has stated that one of the phones belonged to Nina, while the other two were his own.
Information retrieved from Gurpreet’s mobile phone suggests that he could potentially be connected to a network involved in human trafficking. The police are currently in the process of verifying whether the deceased woman might have also been a part of this network.
In his mobile phone, the police discovered numerous phone numbers belonging to foreign women.
According to the police, the vehicle employed in disposing of the body was purchased by the accused earlier in the same month from a woman who is under suspicion of being part of this alleged network.
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