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Deepika Padukone has opened up about her mental health journey on many occasions in the past and on the latest episode of Koffee with Karan, Deepika shared that Ranveer Singh was there to support her through all of it during those initial difficult months when she herself wasn’t aware of what she had been going through. Deepika acknowledged that even though Ranveer did not know much about the subject at the time, he created a “safe space” for her where she could communicate freely and be vulnerable.

“I think he understands mental illness today slightly better than he did back then. The fact that he created a safe space for me to be able to be vulnerable, to be able to share, to be able to communicate because a lot of times you are just feeling so many things, you don’t know how to articulate it,” she said. Deepika said that Ranveer never offered suggestions like ‘let’s go for a drive’ or ‘let’s play some music’ but instead, he was there for her. “He didn’t know better. He’s learnt over a period of time how to be a caregiver but in that moment, we were all going through it for the first time,” she recalled.

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Ranveer shared that it took him a long time to understand what Deepika was going through and recalled an incident from 2014 when Deepika called him during one of his shoots and said, “I have had a blackout and I have had a fall can you come home?’ And it was literally like, I am coming.” He shared further, “When I went and saw her, something wasn’t right. She wasn’t all there.”

Ranveer then recalled an incident when Deepika was crying copiously at the breakfast table and he felt “helpless.” “I knew this was a very serious problem when at breakfast one day, she was sitting across from me and she was just crying and there were just tears, copious tears flowing down and at a human level, the most basic question is ‘kya hua baby?’ and she also doesn’t know what to say. She said ‘I don’t know’,” he recalled. He added that he felt “helpless” in the moment and eventually called her parents.

Deepika shared that even though Ranveer did not really know what was happening with her, he was just patient and there for her. Ranveer and Deepika got engaged in 2015, and got married in 2018.

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