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1) Setting the ball rolling on BJP’s manifesto promise of working towards simultaneous Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in the country, the government on Friday announced a committee that would submit its report on the possibility of ‘one nation, one election’ to the Parliament. 

While details of the committee’s composition were not announced, it is learnt that former President Ram Nath Kovind will head it.

What are the legal challenges to this concept? What Constitutional provisions are likely to be amended? And what about the complications that could arise once polls are conducted? We explain.

2) In the latest edition of ‘Expert Explains’, Chakshu Roy takes us through what a ‘Special session of the Parliament’ means: “The Constitution does not define a ‘special session’. The term sometimes refers to sessions the government has convened for specific occasions, like commemorating parliamentary or national milestones.”

3) As India makes its mark on the Moon and is set to get as close as it can to the Sun, the journey to unlock the deep mysteries of space has just begun. At Maharashtra’s Hingoli, an arid stretch of land is set to be the site for one of the most ambitious science programmes in the world – the LIGO observatory to study gravitational waves. 

Check out our ground report for more!

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4) In 2007, Dr Ravi Kannan left his life in Chennai behind to take over as director of a small charitable cancer hospital started by a group of locals in far-away Silchar, Assam. As the hospital and its list of patients grew over the years, so did word of the surgical oncologist’s work. 

Now in Silchar for 16 years, when asked how much longer he envisions him and his family remaining there, Dr Kannan said, “I have never thought of going away.” As he becomes one of the four recipients of the Ramon Magsaysay Award this year, we take a look at his incredible journey.

5) Looking forward to binge-watching the first five episodes of Scam 2003 this weekend? Read what Shubhra Gupta has to say about it first: “Gagan Dev Riar as Telgi is terrific, his body language determinedly ordinary—a face like millions in the crowd, bush-shirt bulging over a protruding stomach– which hides a razor-sharp mind always working on how to get ahead.”

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